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sábado, 4 de septiembre de 2010

REIRA starring YUNA ITO - Truth

Hermosisima canción *-*
Me encanta <3!
Y me gustó mucho como quedó :D!

Dato Friki: Canción cantada por Trapnest en la pelicula Live Action de Nana

  • Tamaño: 43,92 Mb
  • Resolución: 640x480
  • Calidad: TVrip

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However when when the first ends, the lead dominant position of lake person is narrowed a remnant 2 minutes.
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"When he puts forward to want to rest a little while, I feel very open-eyed. " Deandongni catchs say, "As it happens is time-out at that time, I ask he has a thing, he says: ' I am very good. ' I say to him immediately: ' not, you are attendant still fall to take a rest a little! ' "
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Lake person group has been obtained two Lian Sheng, but tough fight still is from the back. Tomorrow, they will greet showing tremendous enthusiasm of the champion that defend crown, and division comparing and Wei De's counterpoint, be worth to expect more. Whether lock up dead Wei De successfully, will be division comparing is defending of end prove an opportunity again, the flying a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct nowadays, solemn to had become lake person defend surveyor's pole, the summit summit tomorrow is right definitely, let our wait and see what happens. (Responsibility edits: Shen Min is clear)